A blue dress: colors and accessories to combine it with

If you have blue dresses in your closet, you should know that they can be easily combined with other garments. The color suits almost everyone and fits every occasion due to its neutral shade. Just take a look at the amazing selection of mini and maxi blue dresses here: https://itsmilla.com/collections/blue-dresses. Indeed, all these dresses are incredible, but what colors and accessories to combine them with? Let’s make it clear.

  • Colors: black, beige, gray, silver, and white shoes or garments are particularly suitable for blue dresses. Primarily, bright colors bring accents to the outfit and make it look interesting, be it a glitter or plain dress. The fresher the appearance should be, the lighter colors you have to choose. This way, you will look amazing and follow the fashion.
  • Dark blue: white and silver elements, for example, match a dark blue dress. But black shoes also look good with such a dress. Accent colors such as red, yellow, and pink can be combined with the blue color as well. Such a combination looks good at any event, be it a cocktail party or any other occasion.
  • Medium blue: a blue dress for women is indeed suitable for every occasion. To make your look harmonious, combine it with beige shoes, for example. But the white color, cream and brown also look good.
  • Light blue: the light blue color can be combined well with light colors or pastel colors. Pale yellow, beige, light pink, and white can be combined with the dress.

Shoes, accessories & co: possible combinations

A blue dress forms the basis for an outfit. You can combine it well with other garments.

  • Accessories: on special occasions, wear a clutch or bag in one of the colors that harmonize with blue. Eyeshadows in light colors, such as beige or brown, fit just like Smokey Eyes. The brighter the dress, the lighter the make-up should be. A long chain makes a simple blue evening dress a little more interesting. A belt could also be the right choice for a blue dress.
  • Shoes: depending on the occasion, different shoes match your outfit. If you wear the dress for a festive occasion, elegant shoes such as pumps or high strappy sandals fit. In your free time, you can put on sneakers or other flat shoes, such as moccasins.
  • Jackets: short blazers, leather jackets, and denim jackets go well with a blue dress. In autumn and winter, it is best to combine a trench coat with such a gown.

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