A new home for natural and organic perfumery opens its doors in London today

An ode to seasonal scent, explore the new home of organic perfume in London. Meet Ffern.

There’s something so incredibly special about scent. The way it evokes long-buried and more recent memories, taking us back in an instant to the place, time and people we shared them with. An olfactory souvenir of the people we were and are, choosing a fragrance is something of a magical experience, picking between the notes that resonate and the ones we, often inexplicably, hate. 

But, what if choosing a new perfume was less about perusal and more about curation? For Ffern, an artisan British fragrance maker, scent is seasonal, and something they deliver four times a year to their curated edit of enthusiasts (known as ‘the ledger’) throughout the year. Aged and bottled in Devon, only those on the ledger are able to order Ffern fragrances – however, once you’re in, you’re in for life. 

From today, though, you can experience (and buy) the perfumes in person, thanks to the new Ffern flagship open in Soho, London. 

The Ffern flagship opens its doors on 23 November 2022 at 23 Beak Street, Soho, London.

Located at 23 Beak Street, the shop will allow visitors to sample and buy from the brand’s archive of previous fragrances as well as the current season’s scent. Plus, you can skip the lengthy ledger waitlist and sign up to receive Ffern’s seasonal offerings throughout the year. 

True to Ffern’s mission of reducing the impact of our beauty routines on the earth, the shop will be entirely plastic-free, with an emphasis on regenerative design. It’s open daily, from 10am–7pm Monday to Saturday, 10am–8pm on Thursdays and 12pm–6pm on Sundays. 

With a focus on seasonal scent, transparent supply chains and regenerative design, the store will open Monday to Sunday.

Whether you’re shopping for a thoughtful Christmas present or looking for something for yourself, an earth-conscious gift in the form of a seasonal fragrance, bottled in the UK, would be welcome by anyone. 

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Main image: courtesy of Ffern

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