Ariel Winter Just Showed Off Her Skin's Natural Glow In A Bunch Of No-Makeup Selfies

  • Ariel Winter just shared a series of no-makeup selfies on Instagram.
  • The Modern Family star said she posted the photos because she “felt cute today.”
  • She said while she used to feel she always had to wear makeup, she’s more comfortable going natural now.

Ariel Winter is starting the new year aglow. The Modern Family star has proven that she knows how to kill it on the red carpet, but a series of no-makeup selfies posted to her Instagram this weekend shows she looks just as gorgeous fresh-faced.

In the photos, Ariel is wearing high-waisted jeans and a black crop top (hello, abs!), paired with skin that is full-on glowing and blemish-free. The images look as though the actress just happened to be lounging around the house, but when your skin is looking this good, that’s the only reason you need to take an impromptu snap.

“Felt cute today ☺️🐰 NOT as cute as baby yoda but that’s okay because that amount of cute is UNOBTAINABLE,” she captioned the post, referencing the beloved character from Disney Plus’s new original TV show The Mandalorian.

Ariel’s number one tip for also getting that staying-at-home-on-Sunday glow? It’s a product that’s so important, yet often overlooked: sunscreen. In 2019, Ariel told Glamour that until she was 19, she didn’t wear sunscreen, but a horrible burn that left her with an awkward tan line for the next nine months (eek!) caused her to change her ways. “I realized sunscreen is very important for my skin,” she told the magazine. “It’s just not one of those things that’s a fad. You have to wear sunscreen. It’s protection.”

And while she does love a chance to go full-glam, Ariel told Us Weekly that, after spending her teenage years thinking she always had to wear makeup, she’s just as likely now to just throw on some moisturizer and head out the door.

“Now I feel a lot more comfortable going out and just having a bare face,” she said. “You know… it’s my face. Your face is not gonna change unless you change your face.”

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