Botox Alternatives: 15 Wrinkle Treatments That Actually Work

Maybe you’re unable to get to your aesthetician for Botox appointments due to social distancing. Maybe you’re curious about cosmetic injections but prefer a treatment you can do at home — or without needles. Whatever the case, there are a lot of beauty products on the market right now that can be used as Botox alternatives to aid in wrinkle treatment and fine lines.

Botulinum toxin, which is administered by certified medical professionals in the form of Botox injections, is used both to treat and prevent facial wrinkles by paralyzing muscles underneath the skin. Common targets include fine lines on the forehead, frown lines (also called “the elevens”) and crow’s feet. Once a taboo topic, female and male celebrities alike now talk openly about their injections — Kelly Ripa even filmed a recent Botox appointment for her Instagram Stories.

Lines and wrinkles are a completely natural part of aging, caused in part by reduced collagen production and loss of elastin in the skin. While some choose to embrace (or simply don’t care about!) their wrinkles, others look for ways to reduce the appearance of aging. If Botox is off the table, even just for now, we’ve found some stellar products that can mimic its effect by smoothing, plumping, blurring, brightening, lifting and other magic-like tricks through powerful ingredients like vitamin C and hyaluronic acid.

Ready for a facial refresh in the form of cleansers, creams, face wash, moisturizers, serums and face oils?

Shop our top alternatives to Botox injections below.

The Philosophy Ultimate Miracle Worker SPF 30 uses a two prong approach to anti-aging by both using its advance treatment to rejuvenate your skin but also protect your skin from the sun’s harmful rays.

This affordable lightweight serum uses glycerin to smooth and moisturize lines and wrinkles, while reflecting pigments form a light-diffusing cushion. The result is a younger, healthier-looking complexion — all without fillers. (You can also use it on your neck!)

Injections no more — and wrinkles no more! This powerful skin care treatment tingles a little as it works its magic. Its neuropeptides relax facial areas that need it, while magnesium and adenosine soften the appearance of fine lines, frown lines and crow’s feet. It’s worth noting that in a self-assessment test conducted on 25 volunteers, 100% reported that the skin around their eyes had a more lifted appearance after just 15 minutes of using this cream.

Patyka’s Advanced Plumping Serum is a certified organic option that uses a high concentration of hyaluronic acid to firm skin, fill in fine lines and revive natural collagen production. This bottle will last a long time — you only need to apply a few drops at a time.

Drunk Elephant’s C-Firma Day Serum is a cult favorite of the beauty obsessed. Drunk Elephant C-Firma Day Serum is a brightening and tightening Face Serum with 15 percent ascorbic acid.

The Dewy Skin Cream by Tatcha is a rich cream using Japanese purple rice which produces a dewy glow.

Dermatologist to the stars Dr. Erno Laszlo treated radiant style icons like Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, Grace Kelly, Audrey Hepburn and Marilyn Monroe. His namesake line’s Firmarine Lift Essence Lotion Anti-Aging Essence lifts the skin thanks to a blend of botanical extracts and spirulina maxima extract. The firming gel formula glosses over wrinkles, bounces light away from the face and is a quick fix for smoothing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Vitamin C is an antioxidant that can neutralize free radicals and help your body repair damaged cells. This serum from Miranda Kerr’s organic beauty line is chock-full of it (and is especially good for fading dark spots), while its sodium hyaluronate helps to plump the skin and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Approved by Goop and radiant actresses like Olivia Wilde and Laura Dern, True Botanicals Renew Pure Radiance Oil contains a blend of natural ingredients like pomegranate and grapeseed oils that fight free radicals and reduce signs of aging. If you have breakout-prone skin, try Clear Pure Radiance Oil; if you have sensitive skin, try the Calm version.

First Aid Beauty’s FAB Skin Lab Retinol Serum is safe for sensitive skin. This serum combines retinol and polypeptides to help soften the look of wrinkles and fine lines with ingredients including hyaluronic acid, Vitamins C + E, aloe, colloidal oatmeal, allantoin and ceramides.

The Kate Somerville Ageless Icons Set contains a full-size Kx™ Active Concentrates Bio-Mimicking Peptides Serum and ExfoliKate® Intensive Exfoliating Treatment. Use the serum twice a day, after gentle cleansing your skin on your face, eyes and neck. Use the exfoliating treatment once or twice a week, either morning or night.

Crepe Erase Intensive Body Repair Treatment is a decollete and neck cream which repairs and conditions dry, aging, crepey skin on the neck, chest, arms and legs.

If you’re looking for an eye-specific product, this treatment contains eight forms of hyaluronic acid and three forms of collagen to tackle crow’s feet. The applicator is shaped like a fingertip; use it to gently massage into the delicate area around your eyes. Fillerina has an extensive anti aging skin care collection that targets eyes, lips and mouth with varying strengths.

Expression lines and wrinkles from your pillow — yep, we get them too — are no match for this innovative patch, which uses medical grade silicone to compress and smooth your brow line with near-instant results. You can wear it while you sleep or for a few hours while you’re working from home. According to SiO Beauty’s clinical studies, regular use can even prevent new lines from forming while wearing the patch.

This firming overnight mask gives “sleep tight” a whole new meaning. A combination of peptide water, shape-memory and oat-derived polymers, and collagen work together to firm up the skin and improve facial contours. It’s appropriate for all skin types, but especially if you need an extra shot of moisture. Use this two or three times a week while you get your beauty rest.



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