Chloe x Halle Share Their Skincare Routines, Favorite Products & More

Now more than ever, Black women are getting serious, not just about skin care but also skin health. While an established routine is a vital part of skincare, it’s also essential to have a skin health professional in your corner. Specifically, one who looks like you and can understand your exact issues and how to properly nourish your skin.

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During the week 1 of the Wellness House experience at the 2021 ESSENCE Festival of Culture presented by Coca-Cola, singer-songwriter duo Chloe x Halle joined Dermatologist Dr. Caroline Robinson to discuss all things skincare, health and the benefits of having a professional opinion.

The conversation, presented by Neutrogena, heard both Chloe and Halle share their skincare routines. Chloe noted that she has sensitive skin and treats her skin with a cleanser, moisturizer and sunscreen. “My skin is very, very sensitive so, the less I do, the better,” she said. “If I do too much, my skin breaks out.”

Halle on the opposite end of the spectrum, expressed that she has oily skin and relies on acne treatments to get rid of pesky blemishes. “When my sister and I are touring, I find that my skin does not like not being at home,” she added. “Especially when we were in Europe for the first time. Tour is such a fast life— it’s a lot on your skin.”

Dr. Robinson later spoke about how inequality in the medical field with regard to the presence of dermatologists of color and how important it is for Black patients to have someone who understand their specific needs.

“I think that one of the most important things to remember is that for us to adequately deliver care to our nation, our medical profession really needs to reflect the population that it’s caring for,” Representation is an important thing, but also, we need to understand the needs of our patient and how the societal systems impact how they navigate through the world.”

Dr. Robinson also weighed in on misconceptions around SPF and skin cancer, while Chloe x Halle detailed why Neutrogena was a great fit for them as ambassadors. Check out the full conversation in the video above.

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