Denali Foxx Has Already Won Halloween

We’re still a few weeks away from Halloween, but it looks like Denali Foxx has already shut the costume game all the way down. Her magnificent Cosmo Queens appearance featured an out-of-this-world “Purple Haze” look that you’ve got to see. I mean, if your costume doesn’t include spiral nails, is it even valid?

Denali’s drag inspo is just as unique as you could expect. My drag is an amalgamation of all my life experiences,” she told us. “Growing up in Alaska gives Denali an aesthetic based in nature while being an ice skater gives her an icy edge with a high energy performance style. She’s a fiercely proud Latina who just loves to put on a good show.”

“Nature, movement, music, my roots, and community greatly inspire my drag. My drag mother Chamilla Foxx is also one of my biggest inspirations along with a lot of my Chicago community.”

Check out the dates for Denali’s upcoming Drag Queen Christmas Tour to see if you cal witness this queen live, and also be sure to follow her on Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube!

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