Do Pimple Patches Actually Work?

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Just before my 13th birthday, I developed an angry, painful red mass on my chin. It was my first pimple, and it certainly wasn’t the last. As I became a full-fledged teenager, I noticed a breakout pattern for these pimples: They tended to pop up around the same time as my period, they were almost always on my chin and jawline, and no amount of Neutrogena face wash could make them go away.

I later learned there was a term for these ugly, painful pimples that seemed to stick around for an entire month: hormonal cystic acne. I consulted dermatologists, tried different topical treatments and even attempted to clear them up with hormonal birth control, but nothing really worked.

Luckily, age has been good to me — in some ways, at least. These days, a giant pimple is a rare occurrence. But up until recently, I still felt helpless when one showed up, attempting to cover it with a concealer stick that didn’t do much. Then a friend recommended the Mighty Patch to me. I was skeptical, but I decided to give it a try. These pimple patches were only $13 on Amazon, and hydrocolloid — what these little stickers are made of — is gentler than most ingredients used to treat acne. There’s been a lot of hype around pimple patches lately, so I figured it was worth a shot.

After one use on a particularly nasty zit, I was sold. I applied the sticker — which covered the entire surface area of my pimple — one night after cleansing, and I was surprised that I couldn’t feel it at all once it was on.

It was so light and noninvasive that I almost forgot it was there when I woke up. And when I finally did peel it off (a much less painful process than ripping off a bandage, I might add), I found that my pimple had shrunk by about half its size and the sticker turned white (Mighty Patch says this is because of the “impurities extracted”). I declared it a minor miracle, considering it usually took at least a week to see any change. It also saved me from picking at or trying to pop the pimple, which any skin care expert will tell you is a no-no if you want to avoid acne scars.

I now apply one of these clear little stickers at the first sign of a zit, and it gets the job done every single time. If the Mighty Patch had been around when I was a teenager, it would have saved me a whole lot of embarrassment and botched makeup jobs.


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