Fitness Icon Denise Austin & SI: Swim Rookie Katie Austin Share Healthy Living Advice: Mindset Is Everything

Mother-daughter fitness stars Denise and Katie Austin spoke to HollywoodLife about how you can feel your best & look your best at any age!

Fitness icon Denise Austin is celebrating 40 years in the industry this month and with a sparkle in her eye and her bright smile, there is no doubt she is still in her prime. The 64-year-old award winning fitness instructor has passed down the same positive mindset and infectious spirit to her daughter, Katie Austin, 28, who was just announced as one of the first 2022 SI: Swim Rookies. “I know that exercise makes you feel good, and I truly believe that. I am fit because I have exercised for 40 years, just 30 minutes, most days of the week, it really doesn’t take that much else. Even throughout my both pregnancies with my daughters and life changes, you still can exercise in different ways,” Denise explained in an EXCLUSIVE interview with “I always make sure to do targeted exercises to really keep our 640 muscles strong, and if you exercise, you get rid of some of the grouchiness anxiety that your body has.”

Katie added that her mom wakes up everyday and “chooses happiness,” which she believes has lent itself to her long and strong career in fitness. “I walk the talk, I talk the walk! I truly believe that is important,” Denise told HL. “I am very serious when it comes to teaching you the right ways to exercise with great balance and keeping your body healthy mind body and spirit. I do believe it’s all together and it’s a lifestyle.”

Katie, who has over 160 follow-along workouts on her Katie Austin App, admitted that she learned from her mom that the answer to longevity, especially when it comes to your health, is to avoid “quick fixes” and be patient. The mother-daughter duo also had some stellar advice when it comes to traveling this holiday season and maintaining your healthy lifestyle and positive mindset.

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