Halsey's Glittery Manic Bruise Is "Like a Badge of Honor" — Here's How She Creates the Look

Inspired by David Bowie’s fearlessness and Patti Smith’s androgyny, Halsey bravely takes on new beauty looks no matter how extreme, including the glittery bruise she gave herself on the cover of her latest albumManic. In a Vogue makeup tutorial, the “You Should Be Sad” singer shared exactly how she created the watercolor-like look and opened up about her inspiration behind the beautiful yet slightly gruesome makeup.

“When I was coming up with the art for the album cover, the black eye was a really important part of it because I think a black eye is a universally recognized sign of pain or trauma or abuse,” Halsey said. “And the album is a lot about me outgrowing some traumas and some things I feel have been otherwise holding me back from really becoming myself in my early 20s . . . I did the black eye and I wanted to do it in glitter because I wanted to make it almost like a badge of honor for what I’ve been through. And through the album cycle, the black eye goes from black glitter to red glitter to yellow glitter, which symbolizes the stages of healing that the bruise goes through. So, hopefully in a year, you’ll see me running around with a face full of yellow glitter instead.”

Halsey’s artistic inspiration behind the album cover makes it no surprise that she wanted to go to art school before becoming a musician. “Before I was a musician, I was really, really set on going to art school after high school,” she said. “A lot of people don’t understand how alike painting and makeup are — a lot of it is knowing colors, understanding analogous colors, using greens to cancel out reds, using yellows in your blues and purples, and being good with a brush.”

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