Jennifer Aniston, 50, Reveals Her Natural Freckles For ‘InStyle’ Beauty Cover — Pic

Aging does not scare Jennifer Aniston, and at 50, she’s more comfortable in her own skin than ever — which she proved by wearing minimal makeup to reveal her freckles on the cover of ‘InStyle’!

Jennifer Aniston, 50, appears on SIX different covers for InStyle’s latest issue, and one pic features her in a super natural setting that we totally LOVE. The close-up cover shows Jen wearing minimal makeup to show off her glowing skin, with her light sprinkle of freckles front and center. Jennifer has freckles across her nose and under her eyes, and they were on full display in this photo. While she’s wearing some eyeliner and mascara to make her blue eyes pop in the image, the whole look is overall very natural looking.

Earlier this year, Jennifer turned 50, and she’s been open about the fact that she’s not afraid of getting older. In her InStyle interview, she admitted that taking care of her skin is very important to her, and has been for YEARS now. “I think it’s because my mom told me to start moisturizing when I turned 15,” Jennifer admitted. “I’ve been using Aveeno since I was a teenager.” Additionally, she drinks a glass of celery juice a day and takes E3Live superfood supplements. She also uses tools — like a sculpting bar — to help with her complexion, as well.

Clearly, based on this close-up photo, everything that Jen is doing is working! She does have one regret when it comes to how she’s taken care of her skin, though — not using sunscreen when she was younger! However, if she gets the right genes, she won’t have to worry about it. “My grandmother, at 98, had the most stunningly soft, gorgeous skin, and she would just put olive oil on her body,” Jennifer explained.

Later this year, Jennifer will star in the new AppleTV+ series, The Morning Show, alongside her friend, Reese Witherspoon. “When we found out that we were among one of the fist shows to be bought by Apple, Reese and I both ahd this pinch-me moment,” she gushed. “The first women to help launch a network as actors and producers, having a beautiful piece of that pie that we really earned and deserved. We had a big toast to that.” Well deserved!

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