Sephora Has All the Skin Care We're Searching For This Season

Sephora Has All the Skin Care We’re Searching For This Season

Self-care, for us, means paying attention to our skin. It may not be the most convenient thing to do, especially after a night out, but we’ve only got one face, and we want it to look as radiant as possible. Plus, shopping for skin care is a blast! We love trying new products, and switching it up is important so your skin doesn’t get too used to certain formulas. If you’re a beauty-lover, you know the selection at Sephora is just too good to pass up, and the “What’s New” section is our absolute favorite.

Right now, we’re focused on taking care of our skin, and we’re starting by stocking up on products that do it all (think: nourishing sleeping masks, potent serums, and dreamy lip scrubs). These epic multitaskers are available at Sephora, so rack up those beauty insider points with 54 of the year’s hardest-working skincare launches.

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