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Rothy’s is an iconic shoe brand known for trendy women’s shoes including women’s flats like sneakers, loafers, slip-on sneakers, ballet flats and pointed flats. Among the celebrity fans of Rothy’s shoe brand is celebrity fans is Meghan Markle, the Duchess of Sussex, who wore Rothy’s comfortable eco-friendly shoes on her feet during a trip to Australia in 2018 and to Africa in late September 2019 with her love, Prince Harry.  Other celebrities seen wearing Rothy’s include Olivia Munn, Lily Collins, Chloe Sevigny, Jessica Biel, Emma Roberts, Lili Reinhart, Isla Fischer and Mandy Moore,  

The whole line of the iconic Rothy’s sustainable flat shoes are crafted from environmentally friendly materials like recycled plastic bottles. Rothy’s flats are made using a knitting process coming from knitting machines in which the single continuous yarn is derived from recycled plastic water bottles and marine plastic. Recently, Rothy’s announced that they are launching a new product category and creating another sustainable staple product, their first-ever sustainable eco-friendly handbag collection: Rothy’s handbags.

Rothy’s recently has unearthed (pun intended) a collection of handbags and accessories made from recycled plastic waste that was, quite literally, fished out of the ocean. In terms of handbag manufacturing, the Rothy’s handbags are made from the same knit material and knitting process as Rothy’s line of footwear. However, the sustainably knit material for these bags are a blend of its post-consumer single-use plastic water recycled bottle yarn and recycled plastic collected within 30 miles of coastlines. The ocean plastic including plastic water bottles is then recycled similar to other plastic products. The only difference being that the plastic extracted from the seawater in the ocean weakens the plastic and gives it the ability to be used as the materials for these trendy and first-ever sustainable and environmentally friendly handbag collection.

When it came to designing the bags, Rothy’s was adamant about giving the purses the same style and quality as their fashionable women’s shoes line. Like Rothy’s signature shoes, the handbags (priced from $65 to $350) are also machine washable and made from sustainable practices. Whenever your handbag is in need of a clean up, just simply drop it into your washing machine to make it just like new!

The sustainable appeal of Rothy’s machine-washable shoes (with prices ranging from $125 to $165 for a pair of shoes including styles like a comfortable flat, a loafer, a pointed flat to sneakers) now include 6 styles of handbags with shades like “light lime” and “bright poppy” to add a pop of springtime color to your wardrobe. These purses and accessories from the beloved brand are also tailor made for social media hype for the environmentally conscious set. The handbags and small pouches come in an identical color palette as Rothy’s shoes—bright red, navy, sage green, gray, and a camouflage print. And many of the handbags have the Rothy’s brand signature stripe so you can match your new purse to your shoes if you are so inclined.

Below, check out the Rothy’s new handbag and accessory line which features five stylish silhouettes below!

The Essential Tote is the largest handbag in this collection. This bag is a spacious carryall meant to be slung over your shoulder. The Essential Tote comes in 8 colours including Slate Camo, Midnight Navy and Desert Sand. 

The Handbag is a structured handbag which will become a staple in your wardrobe the minute you purchase this.  This style features a classic top handle and a removable shoulder strap so you can create the appropriate appearance for to suit any occasion. The handbag comes in 4 colours including charcoal grey and sage green.

The Rothy’s Dual-Zip Crossbody, a versatile bag that is designed to be worn two ways utilizing the removable strap. The purse can be carried with a strap or worn without it. This crossbody purse comes in 3 colours including slate black and bright poppy.

The Rothy’s Essential Pouch slips perfectly into The Essential Tote. This pouch fits perfectly into The Essential Tote which is crafted with an ingenious magnet to easily attach The Essential Pouch. You could also use this stylish pouch while you are traveling or while you are on the go from the office to your home and back. the Essential Pouch comes in 7 vibrant colours including light lime and sage green.

The Rothy’s Large Catchall is a place to keep everything you keep sacred in one place including credit cards, business cards, charging cables, cosmetics and whatever else you need on the regular. This large rectangular box can double as a wallet and be kept in one of your Rothy’s purses. This box comes in 3 colors including dove grey and bright poppy.

This Rothy’s Mid Catchall is a place to keep everything you need to keep in a separate compartment in your purse. This medium rectangle box can double as a change purse where you can keep your money, credit cards, change and jewelry while you are on the go. This box comes in three colors including bright poppy and slate camo.


Now that Rothy’s handbags seem to have had a super successful launch, we can only hope loads of other brands will take note and follow suit in selling sustainable eco-friendly retail products made from recycled plastic rescued from recycled materials found in the ocean.

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