These Makeup-Skincare Hybrid Eyebrow Gels Provide Instant Gratification With Long Term Benefits

In 2021, I implore you to expect more of your makeup products. There shouldn't be a tradeoff between having fun with makeup and taking care of your skin. The new wave of makeup products are actually hybrid products — they instantly enhance your face while providing long-lasting benefits. This means foundations that are also serums, mascaras that are lash treatments, and eyebrow gels that help with long-term growth. 

These five products fulfill at least two basic functions — they tint and shape brows, and are infused with ingredients and serums that promote brow health and/or growth. The specifics differ product to product, but there are some common ingredients — vitamin B, aka biotin, a common hair growth ingredient, and peptides, which increase follicle size. Keep reading for a rundown on five eyebrow boosting gels you might want to add to your beauty rotation.

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Iris & Romeo Brow Up

My deep dive into eyebrow gels 2.0 was inspired by a tube of Iris & Romeo’s Brow Up that appeared on my desk. I am a SUPER fan of the brand’s Best Skin Days five-in-one foundation, serum, moisturizer etc. product, so expectations were admittedly high for a brow product which also promised to do more. According to Iris & Romeo, Brow Up is a three-in-one — it tints your brows, provides flexible, yet long-lasting hold, and uses a clinically-proven blend that promotes eyebrow growth. I would use this product for the brow gel purposes alone. Although I have thick brows, they are spotty and randomly sparse, which this product has helped tremendously in the month or so that I’ve been using it. 

Rodan + Fields Brow Defining Boost

The price of Rodan + Fields offering in this category is steep, but worth it if your priority is an effective growth serum. The boosting gel comes in four shades and uses a proprietary formula as well as castor oil for long-term benefits. For short-term effect, there is buildable pigment and polymers to provide hold. Customers praise the way the Brow Defining Boost quickly helped them fill in sparse brows and ultimately look younger.

Kosas Air Brow

I have heard and read nothing but high praise for Kosas’ Air Brow. The instant effect is the one usually highlighted — the immediate fluffy, full, shaped-all-day brows that are reminiscent of Cara Delevigne in the early 2000s. The product is so lauded for these benefits that the fact it also helps with hair growth over time seems to go under the radar. It is also the most expansive shade range with 10 shades, 11 if you count the clear one. 

Rose Inc Brow Renew Tinted Eyebrow-Growth Gel

Rose Inc just launched, but the brow gel has already pulled up to the front as one of the hero products. With this product, you’ll get a smooth yet firm brow gel application that comes in four shades, alongside a clear option. The formula is also packed with squalene, a super-moisturizer and strand-strengthener, as well as pea sprout, which enriches hair follicles thereby promoting thicker hair.

BareMinerals Strength & Length Serum-Infused Brow Gel

A brow version of its beloved eyelash growth mascara, BareMinerals’ brow gel was clinically shown to promote fuller, thicker brows after eight weeks of regular use. It’s an easy and streamlined product to incorporate into your everyday routine. It’s also currently a whopping 50 percent off on Amazon, so go ahead and make your move. 

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