Underpainting is the foolproof trick Hailey Bieber’s make-up artist uses for soft glam looks

Written by Lucy Partington

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Celebrity make-up artist Mary Phillips created a TikTok account to share the technique she uses on her A-list clients.

It’s fair to say that Hailey Bieber is turning out to be one of the most influential celebrities of our time, at least in terms of beauty: witness the viral glazed donut manicure trend that she popularised to the £3 lipliner and three types of blusher she uses in her own make-up routine.

Now, Mary Phillips, Hailey Bieber’s make-up artist, has revealed the technique she uses when she’s creating a soft glam look. Known as ‘underpainting’, it’s a trick that essentially means she applies bronzer and highlighter to softly sculpt the face prior to using foundation.

In the viral TikTok video (which now has over 2 million views), Phillips explains a little bit more about the way this technique works. “To me, it makes more sense. It’s like laying down the bones under the skin. So the contour and the highlight being the bones, and the skin being the foundation,” she says.

She starts by applying a cream bronzer to bare skin; Makeup By Mario’s Soft Sculpt Transforming Skin Enhancer, £35, would be perfect here. It’s used along the cheekbones and on the forehead, and then it’s buffed up and outwards, past the end of the eyebrows, which works to lift the face. The same product is then applied to the jawline and blended down the neck; then, using a smaller brush, Phillips goes down the nose.

After that, she applies highlighter directly underneath the bronzer and down the centre of the nose before concealing under the eyes. After that, foundation is then applied – although she doesn’t use much and it’s blended with a fluffy brush to ensure it stays looking soft and glowy, not heavy.

Finally, she uses blusher, Nudestix Nudies Matte All Over Blush in Sunkissed, £28, on the cheeks and across the nose to create an almost-sunburnt look, and then you can set with translucent powder if you like.

And that’s it. Seems easy, right? We can’t wait to give it a go.

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