Watch Jess Clements Walk Through Her Nightly Skincare Routine

Model Jessica Clements travels the world and documents her life on both Instagram and Youtube to an army of loyal followers—but even she isn’t immune to jet lag. In this episode of Go To Bed With Me, the model shows how she keeps her sensitive skin clean and glowy regardless of the time zone.

Clements begins her routine by removing her makeup look of the day. “I actually have really, really sensitive eyes so this is one of the only makeup removers that takes my eye makeup off without irritating them,” she says as she wipes Chanel’s makeup remover across her eyes. I have tried so many makeup removers and this has—whatever mixture of the oils and remover that is in it—it’s so gentle on the skin and your eyes.”

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To get off stubborn mascara, Clements holds a cotton pad soaked with the remover on each eye for a few seconds before swiping it away. She uses any excess remover to gently wipe her skin clean, too. Next comes face wash. The only two cleansers Clements trusts for her sensitive skin are the one she shows off from Korres and the Simple brand face wash you can pickup at any drugstore. “I love the smell of this,” she says, picking up the bottle of Korres cleanser. “I feel like it helps moisturize my skin a little better. It foams up a lot so you only need the tiniest little dot of it so it lasts honestly forever.”

After patting her skin dry, Clements layers on two face masks back to back—one for brightening and exfoliating and one for hydration. Clements loves Glamglow’s brightening mud mask for the former. Once she rinses it off, she then applies a thick layer of Fresh Creme Ancienne Honey Mask to add a shot of moisture back into her skin. “This smells like dessert, honestly,” she says about the Fresh mask. “This is something I always need to do after I do any kind of exfoliation.”

Everyone has an MVP in their beauty routine. For Clements, it’s a cannabis-infused cream that helped heal her psoriasis and doubles as a ultra-rich, skin-healing facial moisturizer. “It really, really has helped my skin,” she says. She locks in all that moisture with a few drops of Drunk Elephant’s marula oil. “I will bring just those two products with me with a face wash if I am traveling and I’m traveling really light,” she says.

Once the oil has been pressed into her face and neck, Clements applies an eye cream from Orveda. “This is one of the most amazing eye creams I have used. It’s a very strong concentration of active ingredients. It works really well for puffiness and darkness under your eyes,” she says. She doesn’t let a single drop go to waste. With any excess left on her fingers, she presses the eye cream into her smile lines and any other areas that need a little plumping.

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Clements isn’t done moisturizing, though. Her final step is a “really thick layer” of the Laneige Water Sleeping Mask. “It’s so good for flights or if you’ve just gotten somewhere and you need a little refresh for your skin,” she says.

If Clements feels a zit popping up, she reaches for the Burt’s Bees spot treatment. She finds it to be more natural and soothing than other harsher acne treatments. She then applies a thick layer of the Blistex Lip Medex. “I feel like it makes you look like you got a bit of injections when you wake up,” she says with a laugh. Hydrated lips are more plump, after all.

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The last step in her beauty routine is castor oil, which she buys in bulk on Amazon and decants into a mascara tube. “I will typically just put this on my brows and my lashes before I go to bed. This really helps moisturize your hairs on your face, helps with growth, and kind of prevents any breakage,” she says. “I used to have huge holes on my brows. Since I started using this [cannabis] cream and the castor oil they have grown back.”

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