A Place In The Suns Jasmine Harman reacts to whinging viewers who complained about show

A Place in The Sun: Jasmine Harman updates fans on new series

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A Place In The Sun viewers will now be able to watch new episodes for the next five weeks following the festive break. On Instagram today, Jasmine Harman jokingly hit back at those who had been “whinging” about repeated shows being on in recent weeks, instead of new ones. 

Taking to her Story, the 46-year-old said: “A brand new series of A Place In The Sun is starting this afternoon, one of my episodes is on tomorrow.

“I hope you have the chance to tune in and watch it, I think it’s a Tenerife episode.

“But yes, no more whinging about the fact you’re watching old episodes because they are all going to be brand new for the new five weeks.”

Fans took to Twitter today to express their excitement about new shows returning today.

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A post shared by Jasmine Harman (@jasmineharman)

Natasha wrote: “New series of Father Brown, new series of celebrity coach trip and new episodes of A Place In The Sun today.”

Sheila Wickenden added: What a lovely first episode for the new series. Such a fun pair and so much happy emotion at the end. Loved it.”

Rab commented: “What a great start to the season. Two of the best buyers ever.”

Sean Brannigan typed: “Just what we need!”

Catching up with fans today, Jasmine also went on to discuss her weight loss journey.

Like many of us, the host said her usual fitness regime and diet had been put on hold over the festive period as she relaxed with loved ones.

“I’ve been busy enjoying myself, a bit too busy enjoying myself but I’ve just been back to my first class of the year, I went to Zumba,” she spilled.

“I’m starting the year as I mean to go on with exercise.”

Jasmine went on to say she had been “more relaxed” with her eating and drinking over Christmas, adding: “It’s time to get back on it now.”

“I’ve probably set myself back a but, but it was worth it and I think it’ll be easy to get back into my routine.”

The presenter regularly gives fans an insight into her weight loss journey on Instagram.

In October, she said she had been exercising three to four times a week and had been following a diet plan.

In just one week, the host lost half a stone thanks to her new routine.

At the time, she wrote:” I already feel better in just a few weeks and even compared to last week I have noticed a difference in how I feel in myself.”

Jasmine went on to encourage others to join her if they wanted to shed the pounds.

A Place In The Sun continues tomorrow at 3pm on Channel 4.

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