A #TBT Challenge! Can You Guess the Beauties These Cuties Turned Into?


She moved to Canada when she was two, but this cutie still speaks Bulgarian and visits family often.

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It’s Nina Dobrev!

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Raised in rural Texas, the country singer, 36, has said “we literally lived off the land.”

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It’s Miranda Lambert!

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The TV star, 45, “didn’t act in school, but I loved entertaining my parents.”

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It’s Eva Longoria!

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Starting work early “taught me how to behave a little bit more,” this starlet, 28, has said.

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It’s Emily Osment!

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The Emmy winner, 39, learned from her siblings to “negotiate the waters.”

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It’s Uzo Aduba!

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Before modeling, the TV host, 46, wanted to be “a dancer, then a fashion designer.”

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It’s Heidi Klum!

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At 16, the comedian, now 62, moved from New Orleans to northern Texas.

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It’s Ellen DeGeneres!

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“I was obsessed with Beauty and the Beast,” the actress, 29, says of her 5-year-old self.

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It’s Sarah Hyland!

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The singer-actress, 30, says, “Nothing made me feel cooler than my little Levi’s jean jacket.”

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It’s Kat Graham!

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The former Disney Channel star, 23, called moving to Hollywood at 13 a “weird transitional phase.”

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It’s Zendaya!

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The Game of Thrones actress, 23, deemed it “so lovely” to grow up with costar Sophie Turner.

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It’s Maisie Williams!

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The Will & Grace star, 61, said she “sprang from the womb in a top hat and tap shoes.”

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It’s Megan Mullally!

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The actress and author, 40, declared this “one of my very best Christmas lewks.”

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It’s Busy Philipps!

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“Could I borrow that baby face and complexion? I’d like it back,” the Twilight alumna, 33, joked.

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It’s Ashley Greene!

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“A lot of who I am is a Texas girl at heart,” the 27-year-old star from Grand Prairie has said.

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It’s Selena Gomez!

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The former First Lady, 56, wrote on Instagram that school taught her to “be a good friend.”

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It’s Michelle Obama!

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Being raised by her actor dad in Nyack, N.Y., gave the model, 23, “a normal childhood.”

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It’s Hailey Bieber!

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“When I was a kid, modeling felt more like I was having a snow day,” the 25-year-old model mom-to-be has said.

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It’s Gigi Hadid!

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