Absolutely terrifying’ Jason Manford traumatised after childhood procedure on manhood

Jason Manford recalls daughter's comment about the cleaner

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Jason Manford, 40, admitted he was “absolutely terrified” when he was circumcised at age 12. The procedure is usually performed on a baby where the foreskin is surgical removed, but the comedian, who was much older, revealed knowing exactly what was going to happen made it a whole lot more traumatising.

I knew someone was coming at my penis with a scalpel

Jason Manford

Chatting to Danny Wallace and Phil Hilton on their Manatomy podcast, Jason spoke about his childhood and about how he was the role model for his younger brothers who turned to him if they had questions about their manhood.

But when he was asked about his circumcision, the funny man shuddered as he remembered the distressing event.

“It’s always awkward to bring it up in conversation really,” he joked, after Phil admitted he had no idea he had been circumcised until he read about it in his autobiography.

Jason went on: “I was circumcised as a boy, I think I was about 12!

“I was sat in the doctors and they were talking about going to the toilet, and I was just half listening when the doctor said, ‘When you pull your foreskin back to go for a wee…’

“And I thought, ‘What? What’s that?’ I hadn’t thought about it!”

With this new revelation playing on his mind, he recalled speaking to his dad about it and it turned out his foreskin was too tight.

“So I had to go and have that sorted out at 12!” he exclaimed.

“It was quite a thing to go through at that age!”

Jason continued to explain how he had no idea what to expect before the procedure as he knew no one else who had had it done.

“If there was religious element to it, well, that’s just what happened,” he shrugged.

“But to be the first one to have that done in your social network, family, friends, no one who had any experience of this… it was quite a thing.”

“It was terrifying!”

The hosts asked him whether he knew exactly what was going to happen when he was lying on the table, and implementing his infamous humour, the comedian laughed: “I knew someone was coming at my penis with a scalpel.

“So, what more do you need to know?

“I was absolutely terrified!

“I had a few wild nightmare about it.”

And to make matters worse, his mum made quite the comment after asking if she could see the stitches, fascinated about how the procedure was carried out.

“At the top of her voice, she went: ‘Oh my god, when did you get all this public hair!'” Jason winced, remembering the humiliation.

“I was like, ‘Put me back under!'”

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