An Aspiring Playmate Alleges Hugh Hefner Raped Her In Devastating Secrets Of Playboy Finale

Secrets of Playboy ended with one last bombshell allegations against Hugh Hefner.

Many former girlfriends, employees, and Playmates came forward with their own experiences of the organization over the course of the 12-part A&E docuseries. Each episode contained numerous testimonies of abuse and assault by the late magazine mogul and his inner circle. On Monday, a former aspiring Playmate named Audrey Huskey added her story to the mounting allegations against Hefner, one of the most vivid accusations of rape.

Be warned.

The horrific incident occurred in 1994 after shooting test photos for the magazine, according to Audrey, who recalled that Hef’s then-wife Kimberley Conrad was out of town at the time. The magazine mogul invited her up to his bedroom to look over the pictures, she remembered:

“I was sitting at the bottom of the stairs deciding whether or not I should go upstairs. … I had no thoughts in my mind that anything would happen.”

She agreed to join him in his room, where he did indeed show her the photos. However, things then took a turn:

“ he walked me over to the bed. I sat down, he was to the right of me and he pulled out a joint, just lit it. And now I’m starting to get speechless, I’m not talking, I’m like, ‘What? This is all happening so fast.’ And he gave it to me, and then he’s pulling down his pants, and I froze. He got on top of me, and I just froze.”


Audrey went on:

“I didn’t say anything. I didn’t give him permission. What was I going to do? If he said no, would he have stopped? I don’t know. I laid there, and when he was done, he walked me down to the guest house. I didn’t know what to think that night. I cried myself to sleep. You know, this isn’t a fairy tale, this isn’t what I signed up for.”

Like many of the women violated by Hefner — and many other survivors of sexual violence — Audrey felt she couldn’t tell anyone what happened to her. She explained:

“I was scared. I thought I was going to get into trouble — it’s his house, his power, his enterprise, so I have to just shut my mouth and go home.”

The aspiring model ended up canceling a second photoshoot for the mag, and upon returning home, she said:

“I got a letter in the mail. It was a termination letter.”

However, that wasn’t quite the end of the story. Audrey claimed that Kimberly later called to ask about the incident, questioning whether she had gone into the bedroom “willingly” or been “invited” by Hugh. It sounds like Kimberly knew Hef’s M.O. all too well. But Audrey couldn’t bring herself to tell her what really happened; she admitted:

“Of course he invited me, but I didn’t tell her that. I didn’t want to get him in trouble. That’s so crazy. He didn’t care about me or what happened to me, and I was protecting him. That was it. I was thrown away, and I shut my mouth.”

Reflecting on surviving an assault, she said:

“It does change you, especially the way you allow men to treat you sexually. And it took me a long time to figure it all out.”

As to why she decided to finally tell her story now, Audrey cited one reason:

“Freedom — freedom from keeping such a dirty secret inside for so long time. Freedom for everyone out there who it’s happening to to just stop and speak up and say no.”

She added:

“I wish I had the courage to say something a long time ago.”

Sondra Theodore, whose accusations against Hefner were featured throughout the series, also spoke in the finale about her reasons for turning against Playboy after being part of the inner circle for many years. She specifically wanted to protect her family because she sensed the mogul was “indoctrinating” her daughter:

“He never touched her, or I would have killed him. But it was the same thing — when she would walk into a room, he would single her out and make her feel special. And I’d say to him, ‘You can’t have her, don’t you touch her.’”

However, now that the man himself has passed, Sondra hoped more women would feel comfortable coming forward. She stated:

“It’s time for to stand up for their daughters so it won’t happen to them. They need to take their power back. … We’re not the bad guys here. We didn’t do these awful things, he did. We’re not rewriting history, we’re just writing it. We’ve never been allowed to tell our story, and it’s our time. We are strong.”

Wow. What powerful testimony from these women. We hope their stories encourage other women to come forward and relate their own experiences.

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