Andrea McLean addresses TV return after quitting Loose Women in ITV exit

Loose Women: Andrea McLean returns as a guest on the show

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Andrea McLean shocked Loose Women viewers when she announced her departure from the ITV daytime programme in 2020. The on-screen broadcaster explained she had been “mulling” over her decision to leave the daytime show for some time.

The author eventually took the plunge and has since launched her own online business as the co-founder and CEO of This Girl Is On Fire – an online mindset membership platform helping women to think differently about themselves through online classes, podcasts and masterclasses.

Since leaving her TV gig the ITV broadcaster has devoted much of her time to her business, as well as her website and blog.

The presenter has since released her latest book, You Just Need To Believe It, where she gives readers more insight into her various projects and living life on their own terms.

She admitted she would love to take what she has learned through her own work and share that insight with others in a possible television series.

Andrea explained she often speaks to experts such as behavioural therapists, scientists and neuroscientists to discuss how we can unlearn people’s behaviour and habits in an attempt to take more risks in life.

She said: “It is difficult to change because of our brains. One of the great things about This Girl Is On Fire is that it’s about teaching women how to think differently.”

Speaking about a possible show, based on addressing fears, the presenter remarked: “I would love to. I would dearly, dearly love to.

“I think that an examination into why we think the way that we do and why that makes us behave in the way that we do.”

She continued: “To reassure people that just because the way it is, isn’t the way it needs to be, could be so helpful to so many people. Because we just get used to it. I was the same.

“It’s nothing new what I’m talking about it. It’s been around for years but that’s why I’m so fascinated about it. I’m fascinated by us as people and why we react the way we do.

“Somebody says something we don’t like why do we lash out? Why do some people go quiet?

“Why are some people more afraid than others? Why do some people who react to fear retreat inwards why other people react to their fear by lashing outwards?”


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She added: “For me, it’s fascinating. That’s why I love what I do so much. Everyday I learn something different. And all I do is pass it on.”

Meanwhile, Andrea explained she made the decision to sell her house in a bid to invest in the technology of her online business which she had been struggling with during the early stages of her project.

“With This Girl’s on Fire we had invested so much time and money into technology and the technology was letting us down,” she explained.

“We opened the membership for a few hundred women and then we shut the doors so that we could test and measure it on a beta-testing app. It was taking too long to get it to work so that we could launch it.

“We thought, ‘If this doesn’t work soon we’re going to need more money.'”

She went on: “People think you need to invest in bricks and mortar. You need to have a home, that’s your investment.

“I thought, ‘No. What if I invest in myself?'”

Andrea continued: “I believe in me and I think that I’m a capable woman.

“Actually, I’m going to take the money out of the house and use it to invest it in me. Once I changed that mindset it was really liberating.”

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