Andrew Yang Says President Biden Needs to Debate Democratic Candidates

Andrew Yang says voters are disenchanted about President Joe Biden battling Donald Trump in an election day rematch … which is why he wants to see the other Democrat candidates get some shine.

The former presidential candidate was on “TMZ Live” Wednesday, talking about why he wants Biden to go toe-to-toe in a debate with the 2 Dem challengers — RFK Jr. and Marianne Williamson.

The way Andrew sees it, another round of 2020’s political battle isn’t what Americans want, especially with JB and DT both getting up in age. Hence, his push to shake things up.

As we reported, Williamson claims she’s getting iced out of network and cable news outlets amid her campaign. For now, she’s wisely relying on TikTok to spread word and help her cause.

Andrew says some news organizations are told to not give a spotlight to folks like Williamson or RFK Jr., but he’s adamant the fair way to handle things is to give them a platform, too — especially since they’re polling higher than some Republican candidates.

BTW, Andrew left the Democratic party in 2021 and created the Forward Party, a centrist political organization that has been trying to make strides at the local level. His org already declared it won’t be putting up a presidential candidate for 2024.

Andrew made the rounds this week when he had conversations with No Labels, another political org that focuses on bipartisanship and centrism … but, for now, he’s coy about whether he’d run for prez again.

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