‘Angel’ Cast Reunites – See the Stars of the ‘Buffy the Vampire Slayer’ Spinoff Series After 20 Years!

The cast of Angel reunites for their 20th anniversary on the cover of Entertainment Weekly, our on Friday (June 21).

Here’s what David Boreanaz, Charisma Carpenter, Amy Acker, Alexis Denisof, J. August Richards, James Marsters, as well as Buffy creator Joss Whedon and writer David Greenwalt had to say…

Joss Whedon, on the show’s concept: “We started talking in terms of redemption. We realized while Buffy is about the hero’s journey — that ‘becoming the person you are’ that happens in adolescence — Angel is about dealing with the person you’ve been.”

David Boreanaz, on being first called to meet about the spinoff and thinking he was getting fired: “I think we started talking about the Grateful Dead. “Then he’s like, ‘Yeah, we’re thinking about spinning your character off.’ And I’m like ‘alright.’”

Joss Whedon, on the series finale: “I understand why people would want closure, but for me, that would be like adding a cliff note to the end. What I always wanted to say is trying to become worthy of the life that you have, is a life’s work. The fight is for always.”

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