Anna Delvey has inmates doing chores for her: They actually think Im super rich

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Anna Delvey is still at it. Is anyone surprised? I’m not. She’s already proven herself to be quite shrewd. Of course she is going to continue to capitalize on the public fascination with her story and interest in seeing what she does next. Of the recent scammer stories, Anna’s doesn’t bother me as much. She didn’t methodically prey on people’s emotions. She sold an illusion of wealth and business. Maybe I’m putting too fine a point on it or fell for Anna’s spin too, but she mostly defrauded banks and businesses (with the exception of Rachel Williams, who has definitely recouped all her losses at this point).

Anna was supposed to be deported shortly after I last wrote, but her lawyers somehow got her a temporary stay of removal from the U.S. Again, is anyone surprised? This woman is slippery! Also, it’s not shocking that deportations of European immigrants are not prioritized. Apparently Anna is fielding offers of marriage and adoption. And she’s doing more podcast interviews. This time Anna called in from ICE custody to talk to “Call Her Daddy” about her time in prison.

Anna Sorokin appeared on an episode of the “Call Her Daddy” podcast released Wednesday, where she told host Alex Cooper that she has a “jail assistant” who does her laundry.

During the conversation, which begins at 5:45, Cooper asked if Sorokin had picked up a jail “hustle” while incarcerated. Sorokin replied, “No, not at all.”

“If you have money, you don’t really have to do anything,” she continued. Sorokin added that in the Rikers Island jail where she spent two years before her jury conviction on fraud charges, you can “not do your laundry,” which she said needs to be hand-washed at Rikers, if you “just pay somebody to do it.”

“Wait, so you were paying people off in jail to just, like, do your stuff?” asked Cooper.

“Yeah, absolutely,” said Sorokin.

“They actually think I’m, like, super rich,” she added, with a slight chuckle.

Sorokin also said she has been “buying tablets” and “phone minutes” from others in jail in order to communicate with the outside world.

The convicted scammer appeared via video chat in 15-minutes increments on the podcast, which was filmed prior to Monday’s news of her ordered deportation to Germany. She’s most recently been detained at the Orange County Correctional Facility in upstate New York. Sorokin has been in the Orange County jail since she was rearrested by ICE six weeks after her February 2021 release from the Albion Correctional Facility in upstate New York, where’d she spent about two years of her jail sentence after her two-year stint in Rikers.


I read all Anna quotes in the Julia Garner accent now. Of course Anna referred to the person as a “jail assistant.” This bitch is not basic or poor; she has assistants even in jail. She managed to post on Instagram, of course she’s not doing her own laundry. At least she’s actually paying them. Anna was hardly the toughest woman in Rikers; she only had her wits to rely on. I too try to trick people into doing chores for me whenever possible. And I don’t even pay them. The only thing that bothers me about this story is I’m a weirdo who hates other people touching my laundry. Especially when it’s in that damp post-washer, pre-dryer stage. I wash my hands before/after loading, moving, and folding. And I have never sent it out, nor do I let anyone else do it for me. Weird, I know. But I hate dishes and taking out the garbage.

I do wonder, where did Anna get the money to do these things in jail? Was it the leftover Netflix payment or money provided to her by her few remaining friends? I’m also seriously wondering about her long term strategy here. She obviously doesn’t want to return to Germany. Her father has been making the rounds with the tabloids, probably to get his side of the story out after all the speculation about their family. I have no doubt that she wants to parlay this into her next steps. But the question is, what could those be? This is Anna Delvey, she has to have something up her sleeve.

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