Ansel Elgort confuses the internet by posting 17 shirtless selfies

Ansel Elgort loves a good shirtless selfie … or 17 of them.

The 25-year-old actor posted 17 back-to-back selfies on Instagram and the internet couldn’t contain their thoughts about it.

Most people, including Zoë Kravitz, were confused by the abundance of snaps.

“dude. what is happening right now ? lol,” Kravitz wrote.

Jonathan “Foodgod” Cheban even asked Elgort, “You good? Lol.”

“Are u drunk,” one person commented, and another wrote, “when you can’t choose one so you post them all.”

Despite being confused, people were loving it.

“thank u for your service,” someone wrote. The celebrity podcast “Who? Weekly” added, “I love this place.”

Elgort has yet to comment on his reasoning for posting the photos, but it could be to draw attention to the first trailer for his upcoming movie “The Goldfinch,” which dropped on Wednesday.

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