Are Nakia Renee and \”OG\” Jared Motley from FBOY Island<\/em> Still Together?

FBOY Island’s final episodes hit HBO Max on August 12, and now that fans know which of the 27 men the women ended up with, it’s time to see if they’ve actually lasted months after the show’s filming. Stylist and singer/songwriter Nakia Renee’s final pick, after wading her way through numerous suitors, was “OG Jared” Jared Motley. The two immediately hit it off from the very beginning of the series/competition.

The pair went through ups and downs throughout the ten episodes, including OG Jared nearly coming to blows with a few other men on the island. In the penultimate episode, when eliminated men got to reveal any secrets they had about the final six guys, it was uncovered OG Jared had some FBoy words to say about his time on the show.

According to the eliminated guys, OG Jared said he expected to get a lot of attention from women after the show, regardless of how far he made it in the competition. Naturally, the comment didn’t sit well with Nakia, who questioned her relationship with him until the final episode. Despite their previous tension, Nakia chose OG Jared to continue a relationship with after the show, and OG Jared proclaimed he was a “reformed F-BOY.” Aw.

Now the question remains: are Nakia and OG Jared still together? Scroll down to find out.

Are Nakia and OG Jared still together?

As fans know, the best place to look for after-show information is Instagram (it certainly helped when looking for clues about CJ Franco and her choice of suitor, “New” Jarred Evans). Unfortunately, both OG Jared and Nakia have been pretty silent since the final episodes aired.

Nakia has posted…absolutely nothing about OG Jared since the finale aired. It doesn’t look like the two even follow each other on Instagram. Yikes.

OG Jared’s Instagram looks pretty similar. Since the show, he’s only posted about himself. He did recently leave a cryptic post of himself with the caption, “If I ever loved you I will always love you, that’s how I was raised.”

OG Jared shocked the cast and viewers alike when he revealed he was “falling in love” with Nakia toward the end of the show. Could his post mean the end of their relationship? If we’re lucky, maybe HBOMax will order a reunion or spinoff for our three couples to give us all the answers we need.

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