Baker Mayfield's Wife Says QB Getting Death Threats After Packers Loss

Baker Mayfield‘s wife says the hateful comments toward her husband following the Browns’ loss to the Packers have turned scary … saying the QB is now getting death threats.

Emily Mayfield said in a social media post that after the Cleveland star played poorly in Green Bay, fans have now begun to come at her and her husband with “death threats,” “lies,” and “blatant disrespect.”

“I pray for those of you who even think those thoughts, let alone type them out,” Emily said.

“I hope you can find some happiness so you stop trying to steal it from others.”

Emily did not divulge if law enforcement has been notified of the threats … but she added, “It’s crazy how much negativity is amplified via social media.”

Baker has been the quarterback of the Browns since he was drafted No. 1 overall in 2018 … but the criticism of his play has grown loudly this season after he’s had an up-and-down year.

Emily has had to go to social media to defend him multiple times … but it’s clear, she believes his detractors have now crossed a line.

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