Bhad Bhabie Shows Alleged Proof She Made $50 Million on OnlyFans

Bhad Bhabie wants her haters to take a good look at her receipts … offering up alleged proof she’s made tens of millions of dollars on OnlyFans.

Bhabie started taking heat last week when she claimed she’d made $50 million on the subscription site, with tons of people online casting doubt that she’d been able to make that much money.

Fast forward to Monday, when BB shared a screengrab allegedly showing her earnings page and the caption, “Go cry about it bitch,” while also thanking Scoop Agency Partners.

If it’s legit, you can see she’s made close to $53M gross, with her net after fees and whatever else you need to pay OF around $43M. It’s an INSANE amount of money for the 19-year-old who got her start as a troubled teen on Dr. Phil.

However, since that appearance, she’s turned her fame into fortune with a rap career and now, of course, a fortune on OnlyFans.

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