‘Big Brother All Stars’ Contestants Cut From Show Due To Positive Coronavirus Tests

Julie Chen, host of Big Brother’s All Stars season debuting tonight, has revealed some information about the contestants.

Before heading into the Big Brother house, the contestants were quarantined and tested multiple times for the Coronavirus.

“I don’t even know all the confirmed 16 houseguests,” Julie said (via Us Weekly). “I know it’s eight women and eight men, all-stars that we all know from seasons past. … I said, ‘Don’t even tell me, I might slip [up].’ I mean, I know some of the names that are most likely going in, but I don’t want to know all the names until I’m done talking to you.”

She then revealed some of the potential contestants tested positive and could not compete.

“We flew in a bunch of people, more than 16,” she said. “And some people I thought were definitely going in the house, they tested positive for COVID-19 so they couldn’t go in. And I thought, ‘Well, expect the unexpected.’ … I’ll just find out when I need to find out.”

Find out how the contestants will be kept safe from Coronavirus during filming.

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