Brad Pitt is ‘heartbroken’ that Angelina Jolie will provide evidence of his abuse

It’s my hope that Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt are in the last throes of their neverending divorce, and that this is the year everything will finally be settled. There’s some kind of upcoming trial or big hearing about the terms of custody for the younger children, and we still haven’t heard much about the financial aspect of the divorce finalization. Last week, The Blast got their hands on some new filings from Angelina, where she informed the court that she would be providing testimony and evidence of Brad’s domestic violence against her or the children or all of the above. Us Weekly also had a story about how Maddox (who is 19) has already provided testimony and it was “not flattering” to Brad. All of which leads me to this Page Six piece, which is yet another smear job from Team Pitt. Some highlights:

Brad is “heartbroken”: Brad Pitt is heartbroken over the leak from the Angelina Jolie camp that she is ready to testify about alleged spousal abuse in their trial over child custody, according to insiders. On March 12, Jolie, 45, filed court documents indicating that both she and her children are willing to offer testimony and “proof and authority in support” of her allegations against Pitt, 57. The court documents, in this case, are private and sealed but were leaked to Hollywood blog The Blast.

Just an endless amount of whining: A source close to Pitt said: “Brad is heartbroken that Angelina has gone that route. There’s a lot of emotion left after their marriage. He has taken responsibility for his actions and owned up to his past issues, he’s stopped drinking. The marriage was very passionate and toxic at times and — like all couples — they had fights, but also shared many good times together. He has talked about his drink and drug problems during the time they were together.”

He’s never attacked Angelina? “Brad and his camp has never attacked Angelina. But his camp feels this leak was calculated to sway opinion ahead of the conclusion of their trial,” the source said. “Brad feels like he’s being more and more isolated from his children, and he’s devastated about it.”

Will this be over soon? It is hoped the trial will end next month and the judge — which Angelina has tried and so far not succeeded in removing from the case — will rule on custody. Judge John W. Ouderkirk — who actually married Pitt and Jolie — has denied any personal bias or prejudice concerning any party or attorney in this case.

Did Maddox testify or not? Sources tell Page Six that the kids have been interviewed by court-appointed therapists, but it is believed recent reports that eldest son Maddox, 19, gave negative testimony against Pitt are untrue. His relationship with Maddox has been described as “difficult,” which Pitt is said to be heartbroken over.

[From Page Six]

I have no idea if Angelina or her lawyers leaked her filing to The Blast or whether it was some clerk or paralegal or whatever. It doesn’t really seem like Angelina’s style to leak that kind of stuff, but who knows what we would do in her situation. Especially since, contrary to what Brad’s team is saying now, they’ve been smearing her for years now. There have been periods when it’s gotten really ugly and… like Brad’s emotional abuse of Angelina has been happening out in the open.

Remember this curious story last year? Suddenly, Team Pitt was all conciliatory with Angelina and admitting that she’s been a great mother. Buried deep with the Entertainment Tonight piece, there was the admission that Angelina hasn’t been “keeping the kids from Brad” – the family court has determined the visitation schedule AND the years of monitored visitation for Brad. My point is that I still think Brad is playing fast and loose with what’s actually going on here and I can’t wait for all of his lies and smears to come back to bite.

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