Britney Spears Dyed Her Hair Brown and Looks Legendary Per Usual

Summer is over, and apparently every single celebrity has reacted to this devastating news in the exact same way. By changing their hair. Not only did Charlize Theron inexplicably cut her hair into a bowl cut (it’s actually for Fast & Furious 9 but I still need answers), Harry Styles exchanged his signature coif for Jonathan Byers’ exact Stranger Things haircut, Katherine Heigl dyed her blonde hair brown, and now Britney Spears has debuted a hair makeover.

Godney hit Instagram to reveal that she, too, has ditched her signature blonde hair right in time for Fall—all thanks to her sister inspiring her. “Same faces, same dress, new hair !!!!!” she wrote while revealing the new ~look~. “Yes, my sister inspired me to go dark !!!!!!!”

Wow, first of all loving her enthusiastic use of exclamation points, but also LOVING HER HAIR.

And Britney’s boyfriend Sam Asghari also seems to dig it, at least judging from him commenting “Beautiful blond or black ❤️” on the post. Speaking of this dude, Sam just revealed that he fully wants to marry Britney (duh, we all do), telling Entertainment Tonight, “Absolutely. This is something that every couple should do. That’s the whole point of a relationship—we are a family. If we do ever get married, everybody’s going to know.”

He also said Britney gets along well with his family: “We’ve been together for three years and my sisters love her, my family loves her. My mom lives in another country [but] when she was here, she met her.”


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