CA Reparations Estimate of $800 Billion Huge But Fair Says Advisory Committee Member

Economists who suggest California pay $800 billion in reparations to Black citizens are weighing a ton of factors beyond just ancestry … and the Vice Chair of San Francisco’s reparations committee says, all things considered, it’s actually pretty fair.

Tinisch Hollins joined us Thursday on “TMZ Live” Thursday, giving us a look at the many things reparations advisory committees take into account while coming up with estimates — including things like the racial wealth gap, housing discrimination practices such as redlining and loss of property due to race.

While the $800B number was suggested for the state, San Fran is considering a separate payment — possibly $5 million per eligible person — and she acknowledges the big dollar figures create “sticker shock” … for everyone, whether you’re pro or against.

As we reported, Gov. Gavin Newsom‘s been pushing this for a few years, looking to determine how much Black CA citizens could potentially receive in reparations.

Tinisch says it’s also important to remember the numbers reflect value, not necessarily cash payouts — she gave us a couple other ways it could be distributed.

There’s an entire team dedicated to figuring out the logistics for the state, looking at 5 key areas to help determine it all — just like Tinisch’s SF committee — and it’s clear they all have a lot of work to do before reparations are a reality.

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