Carol Vorderman and daughter Katie wow with co-hosting TV debut on BBC’s The One Show

The Countdown legend co-hosted the first of two short films from NASA, talking about the Apollo 11 moon landings.

Jetting out to NASA HQ in Washington, USA, Carol and her daughter Katie looked like seasons pros as they presented the segment.

Carol, 58, explained: “My passion for space has based down to my daughter Katie.”

Katie is currently finishing her PH.D. in Nanotechnology at ⁦Cambridge University.

Talking to the science ace, Carol continued: “I just couldn’t believe that humans could do this.

“That they landed on the moon it is still extraordinary – nobody has ever been back.”

The duo went on to show off the recently resorted control room which will be open to visitors soon and hopefully “will inspire many generations for years to come”.

As the clip came to a close, One Show host Matt Baker gushed: “The Vodermans are clever aren’t they.”

Praising the stint, one viewer quickly tweeted : “Your daughter is so like you.”

Another added: “Great job, just watched it now.”

“@carolvorders my TV schedule now orbits your appearances,” a third joked.

Taking to Twitter before the segment aired, Carol wrote: “She loves her science….my daughter Katie… research scientist finishing her PH.D. in Nanotechnology at ⁦Cambridge University co-hosting for the first time ever.”

She later added: “”Our countdown to the first time my girl Katie and I are on the telly together… @BBCTheOneShow

“Tonight and tomorrow….Been filming at NASA.”

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