Catherine Tyldesley reveals being overweight ruined her dream to dance as she opens up on body transformation

Coronation Street star Catherine Tyldesley has revealed how being overweight as a child stopped her from pursuing a career in dance, after signing up for this year’s Strictly Come Dancing.

The actress, who is set to compete on the BBC dancing show this year, previously underwent a weight loss transformation, after going from a size 22 to a size ten in her 20’s.

Catherine, 35, has now opened up on how she has overcome her biggest fears to dance again.

"I've always wanted to learn to dance,” she told The Sun at the show’s launch.

"It was something that I shied away from when I was younger.

"I was terrified of it. I was much bigger, so I didn't have the confidence.

"I'm a huge Strictly fan, so when the opportunity came up, I couldn't say no. I'm not a duck to water, but I'm having an amazing time."

The mother-of-one later opened up on how she’s training for the show, admitting that she could be doing better.

The actress added: "Ironically, the past 12 months I've not trained as much, which is typical.

"I've been really busy with work and I just wanted a bit of a break. I did the 12-week transformation which was heavy weight lifting and I thought I needed a rest. Then Strictly came up and I thought, 'oh brilliant'…

"I've done weight training before, with slow controlled movements, but the group dance routine we've been learning… I thought I was relatively fit, but no.

"These pro dancers are some of the fittest people I've ever met. You just want to eat everything because you're dancing all the time."

Last year, Catherine wowed as she unveiled the results of an incredible weight loss programme after a 12 week journey.

Following her departure from Coronation Street – where she played Eva Price – and an injury in April, the actress overhauled her diet and fitness plan.

Already famed for her incredible figure, Catherine completed a weight loss transformation programme with Ultimate Performance which saw her achieve amazing results.

Despite previously losing weight before starting the programme – after weighing 95kg and wearing size 22 clothes as a teenager – the actress has now embarked on a new health a fitness plan.

Catherine now weighs a healthy 65kg and is a size 8, after introducing weightlifting into her fitness plan – as well as moving more.

Talking about her diet, Catherine revealed: “Years ago, before Ultimate Performance, I would skip breakfast, and by lunchtime I would be really hungry, so I’d be reaching for more starchy food.

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A baguette or pasta etc. “Whereas now, I eat every 3-4 hours and I get a bit grumpy if I don’t. As a mum with a toddler, that has been so much better for me. I feel a million times better eating in that way. Also, again, you’re not going to binge.”

And discussing her meal prep, she explained: "My meal planning pre-U.P. was pretty much non-existent. Wednesday night was ‘spaghetti bolognese night’ and that was always in the diary. Saturday night was always ‘curry night’. Whereas now we make our own curries and we make our own spaghetti bolognese, again, healthier versions of these.

“So, I’m much more aware, especially since becoming a mum. I want Alfie to be eating the right things. I feel like U.P. has given me the tools and the knowledge to be able to do that. It’s not rocket science either – it’s really straightforward.”

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