Catherine Zeta Jones has a new lifestyle brand/label called Casa Zeta Jones

“Lifestyle brands” didn’t start with Gwyneth Paltrow, but Goop is currently the most profitable and most infuriating example of the celebrity lifestyle brand. And I’m using Gwyneth as an example here because I don’t really consider Rihanna’s various Fenty ventures to be really “lifestyle brands” as much as they’re stand-alone successful businesses unattached to the larger “here’s how rich, bored white women should live” lifestyle brand bonanza. Anyway, speaking of bored rich women, Catherine Zeta-Jones is now in the lifestyle brand business. She’s named her brand Casa Zeta-Jones:

Catherine Zeta-Jones is set to rival fellow Hollywood star Gwyneth Paltrow by launching her own Goop-inspired lifestyle brand. The Welsh actress will this week launch her Casa Zeta-Jones range featuring vegan shoes, coffee, love spoons and make-up. Friends say she is hoping her new project will boost her profile and give her something to ‘focus on’ as her children get older.

Miss Zeta-Jones, 50, said of her venture, which she hopes will be as lucrative as Miss Paltrow’s: ‘Everything I have designed has truly been a passion project. I wanted to take this passion a step further and create a brand that’s beautiful and luxurious, while still being attainable.’

Her main priority, it is understood, is her range of flat pumps which will sell for a modest £50 a pair. Described as being ‘made from the finest vegan leather’, she hopes that they will be attractive to ‘woke’ yet fashion conscious women. She also offers dressing gowns, slippers and duvet sets in her collection.

[From The Daily Mail]

This reminds me more of the old-school ventures of someone like Jennifer Lopez (whose Kohl’s line is successful and quite good-quality) and, like, Kathy Ireland. Remember Kathy Ireland? She had successful home and fashion lines too. Gwyneth is selling a completely different kind of thing – wellness, rich-bitch fashion, fake science. Catherine is selling reasonably priced vegan shoes and duvets. Speaking of, we got a promotional email from Casa Zeta Jones and it’s amazing. I’m including the promotional image below, for these “Butterfly Twist” flats she’s selling on her Casa Zeta Jones site. So far, she’s only got the shoe section up and running, but there are sections for Coffee, Beauty, Sportswear, Dance/Leisure and Home Decor. I wonder how much Michael Douglas had to shell out for this.

Photos courtesy Butterfly Twists, WENN.

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