Charlotte Crosby’s baby plans with Josh Ritchie take turn after heated discussion

The Geordie Shore babe has always shared her interest in starting a family, and although she admitted previously she’d like to have a baby when she’s 30, it’s not quite on the cards yet.

After finding the man of her dreams, Charlotte Crosby has taken big strides in her relationship with Joshua Ritchie, including the duo moving in together.

However, after having a discussion with him on The Charlotte Show, it seems Josh isn’t quite ready yet.

Speaking exclusively to Daily Star Online, Charlotte spilled on their chat about having children.

“Josh is five years younger than me. So when it happens, it happens”

Charlotte Crosby

She said: “One of the things we talked about was children. It didn’t go down very well.”

The beauty continued: “Josh is five years younger than me. So when it happens, it happens.

“We’ll have a baby when the time is right.”

In the clip teased by MTV, Charlotte was seen telling Josh she wanted to think about having children.

Josh uneasily responded: “Alright”, but it seems it’s not in his future just yet.

The pair fell into an argument as they discussed having children on the show, with Josh telling Charlotte not to push him into it.

However, the duo soon got back on track, and have decided to put starting a family on pause.

Despite his not-so-excited response, Josh admitted to Daily Star Online previously he’s looking forward to becoming a father… eventually.

He said: “I think everyone’s excited to be a dad.

“In the future I’m definitely excited to have a child, 100%.”

Charlotte only gave her man a key to her home a few months ago, so the pair are slowly taking big strides in their romance.

While a child isn’t on the cards just yet, it looks like Charlotte has definitely found her baby daddy.

The Charlotte Show series three airs Tuesday’s at 9pm on MTV UK.

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