Chris Evans: Louis Theroux reveals why he gave himself a raving five star book review

Louis’ new book was released this month which led him to leaving his own five-star review on its Amazon page. Chris and Louis discussed whether the reasoning behind the decision was because David Cameron’s new book had more reviews. The radio host said: “Your book your review that you gave to your book on Amazon. Was it really because of the Cameron issue?”

Louis replied: “Oh yeah it was. Well no it was the lack of any reviews. It wasn’t specifically Cameron.”

Chris went on to sympathise with the broadcaster over reviews.

He said: “You think you don’t care about them.

“It’s only when you don’t get them then you suddenly you think, I do care.”

Louis replied: “I thought I’d give the book you know day one, I thought no one’s going to read it yet.

“The day to the end of day two I thought well surely by now it only takes about eight hours to read it.

“If you if that’s all you do for eight hours, so the end of day two I thought where are the reviews now and so went on Amazon not a single solitary one.”

He then went on to describe how he checked the Amazon page for Mr Cameron’s book to see if there were any reviews.

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Louis said: “He’s out the same day let’s see what’s going on with him. And he had I think six. So I thought this isn’t funny.

“So I thought well I’ve read it so that surely that entitles me to review it as long as I’m open about the fact that I’ve read it and I’ve written it.

“And so I put it on there and then it sort of went it sort of went viral is quite odd. And then they took it down.”

Chris defended the writer by claiming it was “good for business”.


Louis then told listeners how he now had 120 reviews on the website.

He added: “So, okay now a window into the sad world of Louis.”

Louis outlined to Chris how he thought of the 120 reviews “not a single one of them has read the book”.

He claimed: “So in a way it’s it’s it’s no good because they all say I haven’t read it but I bet it’s good because this by Louis, that’s no good.”

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