Christine Baumgartner breaks down in tears describing former lifestyle with ex

Kevin Costner enjoys Taylor Swift concert with his daughter

Christine Baumgartner, Kevin Costner’s soon-to-be ex-wife, emotionally testified this Thursday, revealing the pair’s extravagant $11 million yearly way of life.

The pair owns several opulent properties, including a $175 million ocean-side residence and a sprawling 160,000-acre ranch in Aspen.

Last month, 49-year-old Christine moved from the coastal residence to a nearby rental costing $40,000 monthly.

Despite its luxury, she believes the new place doesn’t offer her kids a similar quality of life.

After parting ways with Kevin, Christine seeks additional funds to secure a dwelling that isn’t just a living space but offers an “experience” akin to their previous home.

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According to The Daily Mail, Christine guided the court through a slideshow featuring the Yellowstone star’s extravagant $175 million Carpinteria estate.

The images displayed an array of amenities, such as a sun-bleached patio, a pool with ocean views, a poultry enclosure, and a couple of guesthouses.

Indoor snapshots revealed a design aesthetic that, in her words, resonates with “California” life. Christine highlighted vibrant, patterned carpets, earth-toned leather sofas, and a grand marble table paired with deep-toned wooden chairs facing the sea.

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Christine shared that the family leads an active, sport-filled life, engaging in surfing, fishing, scuba diving, and volleyball activities. Their 16-year-old son Cayden even owns a boat, and the family has a specialized room to store their extensive range of surfboards, wetsuits, and paddle boards.

The Carpinteria estate is expansive, spread over five distinct parcels of land. One of these plots was once a neighboring property acquired in 2016. The pair repurposed it as a guesthouse and a venue for cozy fireside chats and festive family gatherings.

In his introductory remarks, Christine’s attorney, John Ridel, highlighted the staggering financial figures, informing the court that Kevin’s monthly earnings exceed $1.4 million.

Kevin, meanwhile, is pushing back hard in his divorce proceedings with Christine. He accused Christine of hostility and financial concealment, mentioning significant cash gifts from a “boyfriend.”

TMZ reports that the boyfriend is believed to be Kevin’s friend, Josh Connor.

Both are in court to decide on child support figures.

Kevin claims Christine has called him stingy despite his million-dollar spending since the divorce filing. He also alleges she’s hiding finances and padding her child support demands with personal expenses like plastic surgery.

A temporary ruling mandates Kevin to pay $129,000 monthly in child support.

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