Cobra Kais Xolo Maridueña Cast as Blue Beetle In Upcoming HBO Max Movie!

Xolo Maridueña has been cast in an exciting, big new role!

The 20-year-old Cobra Kai actor will play Blue Beetle in an upcoming movie centered on the DC superhero, The Wrap confirms.

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It was reported on Monday (August 2) that Xolo was in talks, before The Wrap confirmed it later in the day. Then that evening, Xolo and the director of Blue Beetle, Angel Manuel Soto, hit the red carpet together at the The Suicide Squad premiere, which you can see a photo of them right here!

“It’s official…I am beyond grateful to be able to fill in these enormous shoes as one of the first Latino Superhero on the big screen. To the team at DC and on blue beetle, Ángel, Walter, Gareth, Galen, Zev, John…Thank you so much for trusting me with this role, we’re about to make a kickass movie. Also huge congrats to Leslie on getting casted as Batwoman, LETS GO OUT AND SUPPORT THESE MOVIES. THIS MOVIE IS GONNA BE FOR THE WORLD. IM A F–KING SUPERHERO WHAT THE HECK,” Xolo shared on Instagram.

The film will focus on the 2006 version of the DC character, which was introduced as a Mexican-American teenager named Jaime Reyes, who is the third to take on the mantle.

Xolo‘s casting in the role is the latest in Latinx leads to be cast in upcoming DC projects.

Sasha Calle has been cast as Supergirl in The Flash movie, and a couple of weeks ago, it was announced that In The Heights star Leslie Grace has been cast as Batgirl in an upcoming movie, also for HBO Max.

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