Congressmen Lawson, Torres Weigh in On Celeb Accountability in FTX Collapse

The collapse of the famed crypto exchange FTX is spurring lots of finger-pointing, but on the issue of whether its celeb spokespeople are partially to blame … Congress has different opinions.

We got Rep. Al Lawson Wednesday at Reagan National Airport, where we asked what he made of all the famous folks who served as ambassadors for FTX in its heyday — which undoubtedly influenced normies to invest, and potentially lose buckets of cash amid its bankruptcy.

The Florida congressman makes no bones about it … telling us accountability has to be shared by all parties involved, including the rich and famous — whom he says can survive financial loss way better than your average Joe.

He also offers some advice on any future crypto endorsements … warning celebs (and everyday laypeople) to proceed with caution, ’cause this biz is a high-risk gamble.

On the flip side … Rep. Ritchie Torres actually defended FTX celebs when we caught up with him on Capitol Hill — this amid ongoing congressional hearings on the matter, where lawmakers are trying to make big picture decisions about crypto.

Check out his take — it’s the opposite of Rep. Lawson’s … as he thinks this disaster falls into the lap of one person and one person only. Hint: the dude’s in the criminal hot seat now.

Happy HODL’ing!

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