Dame Joan Collins lifts lid on ‘rough kiss’ with Gene Kelly

Dame Joan Collins has claimed Gene Kelly once went “too far” whilst filming an intimate scene.

On Saturday (21 October), the author appeared on Carol Vorderman’s BBC Wales show to promote her new memoir Behind the Shoulder Pads.

Whilst discussing the actor’s time in Hollywood, Carol, 62, said: “I want to talk about – because you mentioned Gene Kelly and Lana Turner and so on.

“When you went over to Hollywood you were suddenly rubbing shoulders with your idols really that you’d grown up watching. And you even got to kiss your hero, Gene Kelly.”

“Well that was much, much later,” explained Dame Joan, 90.

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“That was after I’d done Dynasty and I was already a seasoned actress. I was producing a show, a six-parter called Sins and I actually had the power to cast Gene Kelly – my childhood idol – as my much older lover.

“And we had a kiss that was supposed to be gentle and tender, and he went a little bit too far and kind of got a bit rough with the kiss.”

The star claimed the scene was stopped and the dancer was told that the kiss was supposed to be gentle.

After being asked what he was doing, Dame Joan revealed that Gene had a quip ready and waiting.

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She recalled: “And Gene said ‘I’ve been wanting to do this to this lil’ gal ever since I first set eyes on her’ and that was years, decades before, when I first went to Hollywood.

“And I was so intimidated by Gene Kelly.”

Earlier this week, the Dynasty star opened up further on her experiences as a young actress whilst appearing on The Graham Norton Show.

The actor described it as a “really difficult time” and claimed that she was once forced to meet a producer whilst he was in the bath.

“It was really difficult. Thanks to the Me Too movement it has all come out into the open. I think young people are having a better chance of not having to face that,” Dame Joan explained.

“One experience I had was being asked to meet a producer who was in the bath. He definitely wasn’t playing with his rubber duck when he asked me to get in with him.”

“When I refused, I was asked to leave, and I didn’t get the part,” she added.

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