Dennis Quaid Wants Modification to Child Support Payments for Twins

Dennis Quaid is asking the court to adjust his child support payments for his 12-year-old twins — but he’s actually demanding to increase the amount because he’s been on a roll in Hollywood.

Dennis filed docs acknowledging it’s time to modify his child support agreement with his ex, Kimberly. Currently, he’s paying $13,750 per month for Zoe and Thomas, but the agreement includes a kicker for when Dennis earns more than $1.3 million/year.

Well, he’s blowing that out of the water now. According to the docs, Dennis earned $550k per month through most of 2019 … which works out to more than $6 mil for the year!!!

The 2018 agreement with Kimberly calls for Dennis to continue paying the base amount, but also add a percentage of his current earnings.

In his new docs, he says he wants the court to figure out what that adjusted support amount would be — but then “make a below-guideline child support order based on the reasonable needs of Thomas and Zoe.”

Translation: I’m more than willing and able to pay more, your honor … but let’s make it a reasonable amount more.

Point is, his income’s jumped sooo much higher than that original $1.3 mil mark, the formula could spit out an astronomical figure.

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Dennis’ resurgent salary comes courtesy of a Netflix movie, “Merry Happy Whatever,” his role in season 3 of the Amazon series, “Goliath,” and the ‘Dog’s Purpose’ films. Not to mention his Esurance commercial dough.

This looks like a win-win-win for everyone involved.

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