Did the Sussexes ‘snub’ Prince William on his birthday by not making an IG post?

Maybe I’m getting too jaded about these royal “controversies,” but didn’t they seem a lot more urgent and more exciting (in a terrible way) last fall? These days, the smear campaign against the Duchess of Sussex is still happening, but it just isn’t the same daily grind of sh-tty, racist, misogynistic crap. This weekend, people were getting mad about… the Duke and Duchess of Sussex wishing Prince William a “happy birthday” on Instagram. Seriously, this was actually a thing that people had feelings about. The issue was that the SussexRoyal Instagram account did not create a special Instagram post paying tribute to Normal Bill on his birthday. No, the Sussexes just went on the KensingtonRoyal Instagram marking William’s birthday – that AWFUL photo of William, my lord – and someone simply wrote “Happy Birthday to the Duke of Cambridge.” No emojis, scandal!! LOL.

Prince William turns 37 today and the Kensington Palace Instagram account did a special birthday tribute to the heir to the throne. But surprisingly, there was radio silence from the Sussex Royal account, in the wake of Harry, 34, and Meghan, 37, splitting from the Fab Four’s joint charity foundation. Despite doing a congratulatory post for “grandpa” Prince Philip, who turned 98 on June 10, the couple didn’t do a separate post for William.

Editor in Chief Majesty Magazine Ingrid Seward told Fabulous Digital that the lack of warmth for William could be taken as a snub at Kensington Palace. She said: “I think it’s a snub if they don’t leave one for Prince William as they did for the Duke and for the Queen. If they don’t I think it’s pretty rude and will certainly be construed as purposeful. That is the trouble with Instagram it becomes your slave. But it’s not as if it’s a cousin or a friend – it’s Harry’s big brother.”

[From The Sun]

My lord. We’re really talking about this, huh? It’s not a snub – they marked Will’s birthday with a comment. If they had gone completely silent, I might agree with Seward that there was some kind of snub. As it is, I find the simplicity of the birthday message to be hilariously terse and perfunctory. It’s clear Will and Harry are still having issues, but few of these royal commentators really want to admit it. So we’re talking about birthday Instagrams instead.

Also: it’s clear that the Sussexes are quite choosy about where and how they create Instagram content, and it’s also clear that certain royal figures – Philip, the Queen, maybe Charles – will always be “deserving” of a ‘gram. It seems that William isn’t as deserving. Or maybe it was because it wasn’t a milestone birthday – 37 is not 40. Maybe when he turns 40, the Sussexes will do a stand-alone ‘gram. Or maybe people should stop overreacting to what the Sussexes post or don’t post.

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