Duchess Meghan sent a lemon olive oil cake, and perhaps sends too many emojis


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The Duchess of Sussex did something nice for the World Central Kitchen, which is one of Archewell’s big charity partners. Archewell is funding tens of thousands of meals domestically and internationally through WCK, and Meghan is forging personal connections with some of the WCK’s workers and volunteers. The women making and distributing meals through WCK in Chicago got a special surprise: a lemon & olive oil cake baked by Meghan herself, using lemons from her own lemon grove in Montecito. The cake is beautiful and all of this is so on-brand for Meghan. What if her goal was never global domination but perhaps opening a cute little bakery in Montecito?

Meanwhile, because the Mail on Sunday is obsessed with all things Meghan, they’ve got this asinine story about how a friend accidentally sent Meghan a voice message in which the “friend” complained about Meghan’s use of emojis. From the Mail’s “Talk of the Town” column:

It has become the curse of modern communication: writing a scathing text message about someone and then accidentally sending it to them. Now imagine compounding the horror by recording an uncomplimentary voice note about the Duchess of Sussex – and then pinging it to her phone by mistake. Well, I’ve heard that this very thing happened to a chum of Meghan, a woman who apparently has a knack for falling out with friends over perceived slights at the best of times.

While I can’t disclose the name of this friend, I do hear that the person is mortified over the incident. After all, it’s hard to claim someone else has played a prank when it is so obviously your voice on the recording. Needless to say, the incident has allegedly soured relations with the Duchess, and I have been told that the pair have drifted apart.

Says my source: ‘One of Meghan’s British friends fell out with her because Meghan was writing all these messages with loads of emojis. The friend dictated a WhatsApp voice note saying, ‘God, Meghan is so annoying with all her emojis, she keeps sending me all these emojis’. But then the friend sent the voice memo to Meghan herself by accident instead of sending it to a mutual friend.’

With this particular chum now seemingly off the Easter card list, Meghan and Harry’s collection of close British pals seems to have been whittled down even further. Who can forget how old friends such as Harry’s former ‘wing man’ Tom Inskip were not invited to the evening reception at Frogmore House following the Royal Wedding in 2018, while the likes of Oprah Winfrey made the list, even though Harry barely knew her. I also hear that the Sussexes no longer speak much to Jack Mann, one of Harry’s oldest friends. At one stage Jack was being tipped to be the Prince’s best man.

[From The Daily Mail]

First of all, do you send your friends Easter cards? Are we supposed to do that and no one told this vaguely Hindu person? Weird. Second of all, how the f–k is Meghan being blamed for one of her British friends being super-rude TO HER? When someone is rude to you, you should cut them off, my God. Third of all, this actually isn’t the first time that we’ve heard that Meghan – and Harry – use tons of emojis. Harry in particular is a big fan of texting tons of emojis, and is said to be a big fan of the ghost emoji in particular. Hmmm.

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