Dwayne Haskins' Wife Gets Sleeve Of Tattoos Honoring QB After Death

Dwayne Haskins‘ wife, Kalabrya, is continuing to honor her late husband in the aftermath of his tragic death by getting several tattoos — including one of the former NFL player’s face — on her arms.

Kalabrya, who married Dwayne in 2021, showed off the new ink over the weekend … revealing she got a picture of Haskins, his autograph, and several of his handwritten notes inked on her shoulder and forearm areas.

The tats take up most of Kalabrya’s limbs … with Dwayne’s face covering the top of one of her shoulders.

The handwritten notes, meanwhile, went on her forearms and wrists. The messages featured loving words that Haskins had appeared to write her while the two were dating.

“Wearing my heart on my sleeve…” Kalabrya said in a caption of the pictures on her social media page.

Kalabrya has continuously honored Dwayne since he tragically died on April 9. She’s posted messages to him on her social media pages and also released a dove at his memorial service in Pittsburgh in late April.

In fact, on Sunday … Kalabrya shared past videos of Dwayne wishing her a happy Mother’s Day with the couple’s dogs.

Dwayne was just 24 years old when he died.


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