Dwyane Wade Gunning For The Brady-Gisele Lifestyle, Come On Gabby!

Dwyane Wade is ready for the TB12 method — no, not the avocado ice cream and weird stretches stuff — the NBA superstar wants Gabrielle Union to start making Gisele money!!!

If ya missed it … Tom Brady made waves this past week when he told Jimmy Kimmel he can afford to take massive pay cuts from the Patriots because his wife brings home the bacon in their relationship.

When we got D-Wade and Gabby after the Met Gala on Monday night … we had to ask for their thoughts on Brady’s admission.

Gabby’s reaction? “Smart man.”

Wade’s reaction? PURE JEALOUSY!!!

“Very smart man,” Wade told us … “That’s what I’m trying to get!”

Of course, Wade was just kiddin’ around … Gabby does just fine in their relationship — she’s an A-list Hollywood celeb.

And, it ain’t like Wade’s exactly hurting for cash regardless … dude made more than $196 MILLION from NBA contracts alone!!!

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