Emilia Clarke Didn’t Know How To Bend the Knee for Prince William

Not learning how to bend the knee may have been the death of Daenerys Targaryen on the series finale of Game of Thrones, but for Emilia Clarke, the real-life Mother of Dragons, bending the knee was simply a matter of royal courtesy.

During a lie detector test with Vanity Fair, Clarke was asked if she told Prince William–Duke of Cambridge and second in line to the British throne–to bend the knee to her when she met him.

“No, I think I was asked to bend the knee,” Clarke recalled. “You have to do the whole thing, you can’t turn your back, you have to curtsy, you have to say—he has his title, his Royal Highness, or something along those lines. I struggled with that.”

She conceded that she wishes she asked him to bend the knee, saying, “But I should’ve. I don’t think he’s ever watched my show.”

Actually, Prince William and Kate Middleton are fans of the HBO series that propelled Clarke to instant fame, as they revealed in an interview with BBC in 2017, E! reports.

Prince William said the show “was worth watching.” We wonder if he still feels the same way after the finale.

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