Emily Andre has no time for herself due to Millie and Theos after school activities

Emily Andre has opened up on having "no time for herself" due to her and husband Peter Andre's children Amelia and Theo's gruelling after school activities schedule.

In her exclusive OK! column, the doctor also shares her thoughts on Kim Kardashian's extreme Met Gala diet and social media crimes.

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I’ve been loving all these extra long weekends recently. Pete was working over the last bank holiday so it was just me and the kids – we went shopping for ingredients and baked biscuits together.

It’s always so nice to have that extra bit of calm time before the working week kicks in. These days,

I have so little time for myself. Between Millie and Theo, they do piano lessons, gymnastics, cheerleading, swimming and dance classes, so I’m always ferrying them off somewhere.

Now Theo has started school, if I’m not working, I’ll sometimes find an hour or two to myself.

Usually, I’ll sit down with a cup of tea and do absolutely nothing, or sometimes I’ll zone out in front of the telly. I find TV is actually quite a good way to keep my mind quiet.

Recently, I’ve been treating myself to a beauty treatment once a month too – a massage or I’ll have my legs waxed. I just do something that’s for absolutely nobody else but me. It’s so important.

Kim's Krash Diet

Kim Kardashian lost 16lbs to fit in Marilyn Monroe’s dress for the MET gala, but the real shock for me was finding out that the Hollywood starlet was a size 8. I’ve always thought Marilyn was a size 12-14, curvy and gorgeous.

Kim said she cut out carbs and sugar and wore sauna suits for a few weeks to squeeze into what has been dubbed ‘the original naked dress’, which Marilyn famously wore to sing happy birthday to President JFK.

But Kim’s already tiny and losing a lot of weight quickly when you’re already slim can be dangerous and can cause issues such as low blood sugar or salt imbalance. I would never recommend crash dieting to fit in a dress, but there is a lot of pressure on women to look a certain way or be a certain weight, so I have sympathy for that.

In Kim’s defence, she usually advocates a healthy lifestyle, regularly exercises and eats healthily, so hopefully this is a one-off – but it’s not a great message.

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The War on Cybertrash

Despite campaigning to make cyberflashing a crime, Emily Atack has revealed she is still being harrassed by trolls’ sexually explicit messages every day. She wants to see social media sites like Instagram doing more to prevent it and so do I.

I’ve never experienced cyber flashing, thank God. You’d get arrested if you did that in person, and it shouldn’t be acceptable online. If it’s not asked for, and that person hasn’t consented to you sharing that material, you should not do it.

You don’t know what the experiences are of that person you’re sending it to – they could have had previous trauma and it could be triggering for them.

Also, what do these guys think they’re going to achieve by that? I definitely think more needs to be done to highlight how dangerous and damaging this type of thing can be.

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