Emily Andrea admits fears sensitive son Theo Andre will be bullied at school

OK! columnist Emily Andrea has opened up about her fears over her son Theo, who she shares with husband Peter Andre, admitting she's frightened he could be bullied when he starts school in September.

In her latest column, Emily also reveals her thoughts on Covid vaccine passports and the decision of whether or not to vaccinate children against the virus. Sign up as a VIP – for free! – below to read what she has to say.

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We’ve been making the most of the gorgeous weather we’ve been having now it’s the summer holidays. Pete has been busy in rehearsals for Grease The Musical, so it was lovely to have some family time at the weekend. We had some friends round fora barbecue and we’ve been using the hot tub as a cold tub as it’s been so warm!

Recently there’s been a lot of talk about the Government’s plans for Covid vaccine passports to get into big ticketed events and nightclubs from September. Many people have voiced their anger and upset over the plans.

There is a real split here and the group of people who don’t want to or aren’t able to get vaccinated are getting increasingly annoyed about the prospect of a vaccine passport. On the other hand, there are more than 36 million people who have had both doses of the vaccine and, as one of those people, I am OK with the use of vaccine passports.

At the same time, I understand people’s frustration because whether or not you choose to take any medical treatment is a personal choice and it should remain a personal choice.

I understand why people feel like they are being forced to do something. However, sometimes some things are out of our control.

For me, I trust the experts and the evidence showing the benefits of the vaccine, not just to the individual but to society. It’s a difficult situation and it will be interesting to see how these passports pan out.

ALL parents worry about bullying

Hollyoaks actress Nadine Mulkerrin has opened up about her fears that her son Reggie will be bullied.

She was supporting the Diana Award, which was set up in memory of the Princess of Wales and is brilliant at raising awareness of bullying. I think all parents worry about their children being bullied and I’m no different in that.


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Theo is starting school in September. He’s quite sensitive and he doesn’t normally stick up for himself, so the worry that he might get bullied is in the back of my mind. But all I can really do is try to teach him that if he is worrying about things, he should speak to me, Pete or his teacher and just encourage him to speak out if he’s struggling. The same applies to Millie too.

Child covid vaccines get the go-ahead

Vulnerable children aged 12-15 years old, who are at a higher risk of coronavirus infection, are to be offered the Pfizer vaccine in the UK. There are lots of vulnerable children with significant health problems like Down’s syndrome, severe learning disabilities or a weakened immune system and I think for them it is sensible that they are protected.

The experts have looked at all the evidence for vaccines in this group of people and have said they are safe and effective. You really cannot fault our vaccine roll-out – it has been incredible.

I am still feeling worried about the impact Covid has had on things like mental health and the financial burden that will be left on young people who have had their education and mental health impacted.

With cases on the rise, I really hope the vaccine roll-out keeps hospitalisations and deaths to a minimum.

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