Fans Think Zayn Malik & Gigi Hadid Are Married After This Just Happened

Congratulations may be in order for Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik, but it’s not clear if this news about them is actually true.

“Zayn Is Married” became a trending topic on Twitter on Monday night (March 29) after his collaborator Ingrid Michaelson made the claim during her Patron live stream.

While discussing their new song “To Begin Again,” Ingrid opened up about how she never actually met Zayn during the process of making the song and the accompanying music video.

She said, “We’ve never met, I’ve never spoken to him. Zayn doesn’t do stuff he doesn’t wanna do, and the fact that he did this song is very flattering. He’s such a private person and now he’s married and has a child so, he does the things he wants to do..”

Considering that Ingrid says she has never spoken to Zayn, she may have misspoken when she said that he is married. The news has not been confirmed yet by either Zayn or Gigi.

The couple has been together for years and they welcomed their daughter Khai into the world in September 2020.

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. @ingridmusic hey could you please confirm what you meant by “zayn is married” the fandom is really really confused right now😭😭😭

— zayn’s favourite desi minion ❦ (@rhimshahhhh) March 30, 2021

ingrid really said “oh yeah btw zayn is married” then fucking DIPPED??? COME BACK AND EXPLAIN

— avery! (@wildflowerry) March 30, 2021


— moonlight (@ponytailxari) March 30, 2021

me just trying to go about my day and now ZAYN IS MARRIED

— keira (@CANY0NIMPRINT) March 30, 2021

So this bird app is telling me that Zayn is married ???

— RLC (@TRAPPLATINUM) March 30, 2021

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