Fern Britton rages at schools for ‘over-working’ kids in epic Twitter rant

Fern Britton launched into an epic Twitter rant about protecting children from the 'gruelling' pressures of the education system.

The former This Morning star claimed more needed to be done to consider the mental health of youngsters who are living – what she described as – a 'break neck, stressful' lifestyle.

Fern, who is mum to four children, stunned her thousands of followers on Thursday as she tweeted out a impassioned plea under the hashtag 'HelpOurKids.'

She fired: "School break times are shrinking. Hours of homework. We are teaching our young people to live a break neck stressful life. Relationships, mental health and physical health at risk. Teachers leaving. And all because of govt performance targets."

The 61-year-old presenter was soon inundated with messages of support from fellow parents.

Fern shared a message from one follower who told she had to fight for her daughter to be excluded from doing homework when she was unwell.

Another Twitter user said they'd quit their job working in a school after 23 years after seeing the pressures staff put on children to see them through their SATs exams, calling it 'ridiculous.'

Another teacher also reached out to Fern and claimed she'd taken ill health retirement after being pushed to her limit at work.

Fern re-shared the messages before writing: "Please Department of Education. Please stop the pressure!"

She ended the string of posts by sharing an article about home schooling.

Fern is mum to Jack, Harry and Grace Jones from her first marriage to TV executive Clive Jones.

She also has daughter Winnie, 16, with her husband of 19 years Phil Vickery, 58.

Fern worked alongside Phil on This Morning, until she quit the show in 2009 after ten years.

Phil continues to work as the resident chef, with Fern's replacement Holly Willloughby and Phillip Schofield.

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